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Resources for education & science outreach

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You can download posters (A0 size) presentation slides and images from here. The scientific contents of the posters are made by me. Some posters are made for esSENSE and therefore, they contain its logo. You may print the posters and use them for non-commercial purposes. If you find any mistakes or have any suggestion please email me. 


None of the resources here are allowed to use for commercial purpose. They are intended only for education and science outreach activities.


Demonstrating Chladni plate at Royal Society Summer Exhibition London (2015)

Posters (A0 size)


The basic concept of Evolution. (Malayalam / English)

How does evolution occur? What is the driving mechanism? (Malayalam / English)

What is special about the Earth in the Universe? Why is there life on Earth? Are we alone? (Malayalam / English)

Presentation slides


Are we alone? : A discussion on extraterrestrial life (Essentia-2018, Trivandrum)

Evolution of Whales : (Essentia-2017, Cochin)

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